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Green Aviation – Literature Review

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Transport has approached the SamueNeaman Institute to conduct a literature review of the subject of "Green Aviation".

The objectives of the study:

  • To identify the relevant and related issues, discussed and researched internationally.
  • Following the analysis of the subject, to highlight the most relevant issues to of Israel.

In the first phase of the study, a wide spread screen of publications, documentation and research papers was conducted. As an outcome a least of 14 topics were selected.

In light of the wide range of topics, it was decided together with the representative of

the Civil Aviation Authority to concentrate on topics which are most relevant to Israel:

  • "Green Aviation" policies in selected International group of countries and organizations (USA, EU and ICAO).
  • "Green Airports" – planning, development, operation, management and maintenance of airports and their environmental policies in selected airports in North America, Europe and the Far East. The focus of the search was on 3 main subjects: A. Policy and regulations; B. Environment (air, soil and water); C. Selected case study airports (including the issues of noise, energy, maintenance, waist etc. 
  • Selected topics related to Israel such as "birds and hazardous conditions to airports and aviation" and "co-ordination of civil and military aviation on environmental issues.

Each one of the above issues was illustrated by exerts and summaries of documents and articles and an extended bibliography which allows familiarity with the material.