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Evaluation of the Technion Excellence Programs

Dr. Eran Leck , Vered Gilad , Orly Nathan , Bella Zalmanovich , Dr. Daphne Getz
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Leck Eran , Gilad Vered , Nathan Orly , Zalmanovich Bella , Getz Daphne . Evaluation of the Technion Excellence Programs Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2017.

The research centers on the evaluation of the Technion excellence programs. The Technion currently offers two types of excellence programs to its students: The Rothschild Scholars Technion Program for Excellence and a number of faculty excellence programs. The goal of this particular research is to provide policy makers at the Technion and external involved bodies, such as the Rothschild foundation, an in-depth examination of these excellence programs. The main objectives of the research are as follows: to provide a baseline for analysis by comparing the Technion excellence programs to similar programs offered at the world’s top ranking universities; to produce a comprehensive database on the students and graduates of the programs that will enable to map the contribution and impact of the programs; to examine the achievement of the goals and objectives of the programs; and to evaluate the programs’ outputs and contributions.

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