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Clean Energy Innovation Policy in Israel

The purpose of the project is to analyze the policy lessons arising from Israel's successful efforts to initiate, guide, and accelerate the process of technological innovation in the field of clean energy. The intention is to identify the basic principles of policy shaping that can be applied to any set of technologies and to other countries in different political, economic, and technological contexts. Based on a detailed analysis of these principles, the project formulates a series of general recommendations of best practices for innovation policy in the field of clean energy.

In 2014, we participated in a discussion held by the Israeli Association for Smart Energy titled "Innovation policy in clean energy in Israel: Identification of basic principles by policy research in the field of smart grid". The discussion addressed ways to promote the subject of the smart grid in Israel, further to last year's research held in collaboration with the London School of Economics.

In 2016, the consultations with the Israeli Association for Intelligent Energy concerned means of advancing the subject of the Smart Grid in Israel, further to the research in recent years on the matter, and in collaboration with the London School of Economics.