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The Technion's green campus


The Technion Green Campus Project, which has been promoted by the Samuel Neaman Institute for more than a decade, is designed to impart and enhance values on the subject of the environment ​​and its preservation within the Technion community. The project aims to take steps that promote the green environment around the campus, focusing on action, and to raise the environmental awareness of students, faculty members, and staff on campus, with the understanding that such awareness will continue to exert its influence outside the campus, in the homes and future workplaces of the future engineers.

The project is managed by the Green Campus Council which includes representatives of the academic staff, key members of the Technion administration, and the construction and maintenance departments. The Green Campus activities address education and increased awareness of the environment, conserving natural resources (water, energy, recycling, etc.), pollution prevention, and more. It coordinates the range of environmental activities that occur on campus, and serves as a communication channel and meeting point for the various initiatives across campus.

The Green Campus activities can be found on the campus website.             

To the Green Campus facebook page click here (Hebrew).