Other Projects at Samuel Neaman Institute on Innovation and the Global Crisis

Other Projects at Samuel Neaman Institute on Innovation and the Global Crisis
Prof. Shlomo Maital

In 2009, Prof. Shlomo Maital completed writing a book about the global crisis [1].
The work on the Hebrew version of his book Innovation Management has also ended [2].

Together with Prof. D. V. R. Seshadri, Prof. Maital wrote an article about the way in which innovative organizations can lever the global crisis to gain a competitive and business advantage. The article was submitted to Vikalpa, the Journal for Decision-Makers [3].

A report was made for the "Israel 2028" project, managed by Dr. Gilead Fortuna, about the guiding principles for modernization in "traditional" industries. [4]

Prof. Maital, together with Dr. Yudan Rofe and Prof. Daniel Gat, organized a conference on the subject of TOD - Transportation-Oriented Development. The subject of the conference: Advantages from integrating urban planning with transportation (especially rail).

During the year, Prof. Maital continued to write a column in the magazine Jerusalem Report, called Marketplace [5]. Also, he continued to write his blog on subjects related to innovation and the global crisis [6].


[1] S. Maital & D.V.R. Seshadri. Global Risk/Global Opportunity : Ten Essential Tools for Tracking Minds, Markets and Money. SAGE: June 2010.
[2] S. Maital & D.V.R. Seshadri. "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management" Magnus Publishing (Hebrew University), June 2010. 
  [3] S. Maital & D.V.R. Seshadri. "Innovating During Global Recession - Transforming Risk into Opportunity." Submitted to Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision-Makers, April 2009.
[4] S. Maital. "Modernizing Traditional Industries: Best Practice Benchmarks for Israel 2028 - Six Principles in Search of an (Industrial) Policy", S. Neaman Institute, draft, 2009.
[5] S. Maital. "Marketplace" column, Jerusalem Report (English-language fortnightly).
[6] S. Maital. Blog - Global Crisis and Innovation, https://timnovate.wordpress.com

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