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Master Plan for Energy

The Environment and Energy team of the Samuel Neaman Institute is a member of the consulting team of TAHAL, which in 2011 won the tender to establish a master plan for the energy sector.

The role of the team was to examine the environmental implications as part of possible energy scenarios in Israel, as well as practices to reduce the economic and environmental costs to the Israeli economy. As part of the master plan, our team examined the environmental parameters that are being influenced and will be affected by the energy sector, such as electricity production, reviewing the costs in terms of environmental damage, as well as the benefits of different power stations, and making an environmental-economic comparison between different energy sources for electricity generation.

The team addressed energy efficiency and its environmental implications, demand management and diversion, renewable energy, transportation, and energy usage in industry – efficiency in the field of energy demand in industry. The use of renewable sources (including solar water heating in the industry) and oil alternatives were examined in the action plans in light of their costs and environmental benefit.

In 2014, a plan was submitted to the Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water. The plan includes tools to develop and manage the energy sector in 2030 and 2050. The electricity, natural gas, and fuel production sectors as well as demand for these sectors are taken into the models developed.

The results were summarized in five volumes and a disc.