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Israel's Role in The Global Bio-Ethanol Market - National Planning and Policy

Biofuels originating from agricultural products are one of the “hottest” issues in the global energy and commodity markets. The political and economical implications of biofuels are significant, especially for industrialized countries, which consume and engage in commerce with energy resources.

The study included an overall survey of the emerging global bio-ethanol market, and the possible role of Israel in this area. Specific attention was given to issues such as growing plants for biofuel production, botanic and economic topics, defining the strategic advantage Israel has in agricultural development (biological and mechanical) and evaluating the experience of exported agricultural projects in the past. Mapping of Israeli companies and technologies in the field was also conducted to determine the possibility of engaging them in this field.

This study was supported by the research fund of GM Israel

The study also conducted a meeting of experts on the subject with the Energy Forum, which covers the biofuels market in Israel. See The role of Israel in the global bioethanol market- Summary and recommendations of the 9th assembly of the energy forum at SNI