Integration of electric and hybrid vehicles in Israel's transportation system

This research is conducted within the framework of the government decision of 2011 regarding the operation of a national program to reduce global dependence on oil, and further to another government decision of 2013 regarding the reduction of Israeli dependence on oil for transportation. The research was submitted to the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Water and Energy.

Hybrid and electric vehicles form a key part of the long-term planning of governments and leading research organizations in the world to reduce emissions of GHG and other pollutants, while reducing the dependence of the energy sector on fossil fuels.

The study provides a comprehensive literature review of the applicability of the technology of the propulsion systems tested and a preliminary economic analysis and a life cycle analysis of the usage of technologies and various propulsion systems in Israel.

It was found that the lowest cost of the total ownership per mileage (without taxes) is that of the internal combustion vehicles (conventional vehicles). The inclusion of external costs does not change the set of relative advantages of the basic scenario. The distribution of the ownership cost components underscores the high cost of electric vehicles (of various types) in comparison with internal combustion vehicles, under the current pricing. The greater the proportion of the vehicle’s use of electric propulsion, the smaller the rates of travel costs, maintenance, and external costs (as well as their absolute value) of the total cost of ownership. In addition, the higher the mileage, the more the benefits of electric vehicles exceed their disadvantages, from the perspective of the consumer. It was also found that a hybrid-charged vehicle (plug-in) has the highest cost of ownership, with a substantial gap in most scenarios tested.

This publication at the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources website

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