Evaluating the Economic Damage of the Fuel Leak at Evrona

The study evaluates the economic damage of fuel leaking from the EAPC pipe that occurred at the Be'er Ora (Evrona) intersection in 12/03/14.
This study was conducted for the Adam Teva V’Din (IUED) Association.

From the study, a complete picture of the damage caused by the leak event at Be'er Ora (Evrona) emerged. The study included a calculation of the cost of the socio-economic damage – a cost that reflects the public value of the damage to nature and landscape values ​​affected by the leakage, and the cost of ecological-environmental damages – a cost that reflects the public value of restoring the unique ecosystem at this site until full recovery of this ecosystem (as well as the irreversible damage that can never be remedied).

The total long-term economic, social, and environmental damage, using a model developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, caused by the oil spill at the Evrona Reserve on December 2014 is valued in the amount of ca. 530 million NIS.


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