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Environmental Technologies (Clean-Tech)

A joint project of the S. Neaman Institute and Globes Business Newspaper


'Green' technologies in Israel and their business potential are relevant issues on the public agenda, with frequent media exposure. The environmental market is strong and growing worldwide, estimated at $600 Billion dollars per year, with an annual growth rate of 5-8%. Clean-tech comprises one third of the global environmental market. The importance of this field is recognized by government entities and private industry, and a carefully considered strategy is needed in order to take advantage of international opportunities in this important market sector. 

The government of Israel had so far failed to respond to global development in the environmental field in general and in clean-tech in particular. Environmental issues are still considered merely as regulatory problems, and this lack of vision may result in potential market loss.

As a follow-up to research presented during 2004, a joint study with Globes Research was conducted, demonstrating the opportunities presented by this market in Israel and the need for the Israeli government to act in order to realize this potential. Only a coordinated and focused action (between government offices, government and academia, entrepreneurs and industry) and the definition of a common vision will position Israel as an important player in this field.

Over 30,000 downloads of the research report from the websites of the S. Neaman Institute and Globes indicate the importance of this study, and its impact.