Entrepreneurship, Economy and Management in the Field of Environmental Quality in the Local Councils

Entrepreneurship, Economy and Management in the Field of Environmental Quality in the Local Councils
Prof. Ofira Ayalon

Project conducted in cooperation with MAFAM Galilee

Recognition is growing of the connection between economic activities, management of municipal systems and environmental quality. Increased public awareness, as well as strict legislation and enforcement, are leading to a transformation in managerial thinking, especially in municipal systems. An emerging trend is to create organizational systems which introduce environmental principles into decision-making, planning, operation and management.

The S. Neaman Institute, in cooperation with "MAFAM Galilee", created a new course for environmental managers, strategic planning unit managers, planners, etc., intended to deepen the participants' knowledge regarding environmental economy in order to improve their planning and promotion of environmental issues in the local authorities. The course addresses several fields connecting economic activity and environmental quality including resource conservation and cost savings (energy, water etc.), promotion of technologies which reduce environmental damage, and development of economic ventures in the fields of environment quality.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Provide an overview on economics and environmental economy
  • Teach the basics of preparing an environmentally-oriented business plan
  • Introduce successful ventures in the environmental field
  • Examine obstacles towards implementing environmental technologies in local authorities and how to overcome them.

Course participants included environmental department managers, strategic planning managers, planners, etc. The final projects addressed issues such as management of const120ruction and demolition waste, municipal waste treatment, precipitation water collection and more.

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