Energy Forum 51: The power grid challenge – transmission, optimal utilization of grid resources and local production

Energy Forum Program

13:00  Opening – Prof. Gershon Grossman, Head of Samuel Neaman Institute Energy Forum

13:10  Dr. Yael Harman, Head of Technologies and Renewable Energy, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Energy: Adopting innovation in the electricity sector – first steps

13:20  Aviad Navon, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Technion: Challenges of renewable energy integration – an overview

13:30  Dr. Nurit Gal, former Vice President, The Electricity Authority, CEO e-NRGY, Barak Reshef, Senior Electrical Consultant: 1,000 Mega watts in 5 steps – A roadmap for accelerating the connection of renewable energy to the grid

13:50  Dr. Shahar Dolev, Head of Models Development and Long Term Policy Division, Ministry of Energy: Long-term energy market goals and implications for the grid

14:15  Open discussion, focusing on:

  • How to make the best use of existing resources in the electricity grid?
  • AC systems versus DC systems.
  • Are there technologies that will allow the transmission of electricity in the large quantities that will be required?
  • Changing the design criteria to suit an era of decentralized production and renewable energies.
  • Writing an Israeli Grid Code.
  • Location-dependent tariff to encourage the installation of production facilities in available places in the grid.
  • Storage as a replacement for the grid.

The 51 Energy Forum report summarizes the discussion. Below are the participants' presentations.

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