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Development of Sustainable Mariculture in Israel

According to publications by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, most of the fishing areas in the world have been exploited to the fullest or suffer from excessive fishing, while the demand for seafood (fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and algae) is increasing, because of their many nutritional benefits.

Growing fish in seawater enables the production of fresh, local, and healthy food without the use of fresh water or land near the sea, which are in short supply. Gradual and rational development of this industry will contribute to the development of the "blue economics," while maintaining the principles of sustainable development - including environmental economic and social aspects.

The report presents a policy document outlining guidelines for objectives, strategy, and tools for long-term planning, spatial deployment, sustainable development, and the interface of mariculture in the Israeli Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the report includes mapping of desired areas for locating mariculture in the Israeli Mediterranean Sea and supporting logistic sites on the shore, taking into consideration the plans, needs, and intentions of other interested parties concerning these areas.

The project's products will be assimilated in national policy documents in the field of agriculture and rural development and in policy documents on marine planning.