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Activities on Innovation and Urban Planning

The coordinators of activities on TOD (Transit-Oriented Development: urban planning that is based on public transportation, high-to-medium density development around railway stations) are: Prof. Shlomo Maital, Prof. Daniel Gat (Technion), and Dr. Yodan Rofe (Ben Gurion University). On Marth 9th, 2010, a Workshop was held at the Samuel Neaman Institute on the subject of TOD. The main lecturer was Prof. Peter Katz, a leading founder of the New Urbanism school. About 100 people attended. The goal was to focus interest on siting railway stations in the center of cities, instead of outside the city (for instance, in Ofakim), and developing residences and workplaces around them. A TOD-based development program was presented by the mayor of Ofakim, Zvi Gringold. publication on this subject is now available. *

A team from the Neaman Institute, including Prof. Amnon Frenkel, Prof. Shlomo Maital and Dr. Daphne Getz, was part
of a group that won a grant awarded by the European Union for research on "Demand-driven Innovation" (PICK-ME). The team was selected to lead the crucial Work Package #1. An innovative method for mapping innovation eco-systems in each participating country, developed by Profs. Frenkel and Maital, was presented to the project participants in Torino, Italy. The goal is to encourage the six other participating countries to map their own individual innovation ecosystems, in order to shape unique, effective pro-innovation policies suitable for each country. Further details on the "Pick-me" project can be found in Chapter C in this report. An initial working paper describing the new methodology has been completed. Using it, each participating country will hold a workshop in which experts' map - the nation's innovation ecosystem.

Prof. Maital's new book, Global Risk/Global Opportunity, has been published, as well as the Hebrew translation of his book on innovativeness management, Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, by Magnes Publishing House (Hebrew University).

Together with the Knowledge Center for Innovation, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, led by Prof. Miriam Erez, Prof. Shlomo Maital initiated a series of workshops for senior managers in the traditional industries, called "Moving Up", in an effort to upgrade companies' capabilities in exports and competitiveness in world markets. Seven companies enrolled.

Prof. Maital writes a blog (, a column in the fortnightly magazine Jerusalem Report, and frequently contributes to an opinion column in the business daily Globes.

* TOD - Transit Oriented Development -Urban Development Around Train Stations. Samuel Neaman Institute, April 2010.