Grand Strategy For Israel Y Project - Like there's no tomorrow - an Intreview at London at Kirshenbaum/ Tamar and Oz Almog The Thirteenth annual lecture in memory of Samuel Neaman Higher Education Forum #34 Technion Nation Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox Population in the Israeli Economy IDF's Conscription Model

Samuel Neaman Institute

The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research is an independent public-policy research institute, established in 1978 to assist in the search for solutions to national problems in science and technology, education, economy and industry, and social development.


The fourteenth Annual Samuel Neaman Memorial Lecture


Energy Forum 38: Measures to implement following the authorization of the gas outline in Israel

Practical Engineering is an area for outstanding students - not just for weak candidates

Why is the field of practical engineering considered rewarding, suffers from a lack of workers - and why public school students are prevented from enrollment?

The Samuel Neaman Energy Forum

The purpose of Energy Forum meetings is to maintain a professional infrastructure on specific energy related topics, and to allow multilateral discussions encouraging projects in the fields of renewable and energy conservation.

The Higher Education Forum

The Samuel Neaman Institute, in collaboration with "Bashaar - Academic Community for Israeli Society" and the Fulbright Foundation, organizes the higher education forum. The Forum holds discussions on the central issues pertaining to higher education in Israel, as well as an open dialogue between universities and colleges.

Information centers of MAGNET Consortia

A computerized information center, one of the largest in Israel, operates at the Samuel Neaman Institute. The center was established to meet the needs of knowledge management and to supply information science services to consortia that operate under the MAGNET program.

Center for Industrial Excellence

The Samuel Neaman Institute has established a new Center for Industrial Excellence (CIE), which is dedicated solely to promoting industrial policies. Specifically, the CIE intends to help achieve the national goals outlined above by spearheading and promoting policies that lead to industrial excellence...

Integration of the Ultra-Orthodox into Israeli economy

The project, which has been ongoing since 2009,combines research and monitoring of the ultra-Orthodox population, writing policy papers and consulting government ministries and Knesset committees as well as field work with various groups from the ultra-Orthodox public.

Water For Industry Center

Challenges for Water Usage in Global Industry.

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